Be Different This Year

To really make exponential market gains go against where the herd is heading this year. Look for a problem to solve and go against the grain to solve it. You are a product of your choices, so get excited and make this is a great year. My goal to get out of bed with my tail wagging every day.

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Thanksgiving Prayer

I thought I would share a Thanksgiving prayer that was shared at my family’s dinner table last week.

Lord, take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet; tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way. Mychal Judge.

Mychal was a chaplain to the NYC firefighters and one of the first killed during 911.

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Success Metric

I was reading about Warren Buffet and he said the true measure of success is to find out how many people truly love you. I can count the number on one hand and would like to at least double it by the time my time on earth ends.

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A gentleman was interviewed about how he felt after Hurricane Michael destroyed parts of Panama City. He said, “Sometimes you have to lose your roof to see the stars.” I really like this wisdom and need to be grateful for what I have each day.

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As I start the month of November, my thoughts turn to Thanksgiving. My favorite family holiday! I will be making the effort to be more grateful for what I have and expressing my appreciation to others in my life. Putting the focus on others and away from myself.

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Be A Champion

Most of the time I am focusing on how I can become a champion. More importantly, I need to be a champion for others! Share positive feedback and genuinely point out what makes someone stand apart. This is an example of servant leadership and I need to do more of this in my daily walk through life.

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Watched the Darren Hardy video this morning on courage. Here are four ways to help you develop your courage muscle:

1-Be Foolish, it is what we most fear.

2-Be a Legend, see yourself being courageous.

3-Stop thinking and just act.

4- Attack it- the more attack you attack your fear, the weaker it gets.

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Growth Mind Set

Continuing to work on my Growth Mind Set. The mind is like a muscle and not fixed. Here a few other attributes passed on by my Darren Hardy:

1)Embrace Flaws 2)See failures as opportunities, 3) See Criticism as Constructive, 4) Focused on Growth vs Outcomes and 5)Grow some grit.- take ownership attitude.

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I went to the Doctor today for a relatively minor problem. In order for the Doctor to make the proper diagnosis, the patient has to disclose all relevant information. I know on the business side, many prospects do not share the whole problem which causes delays down the road. Just a thought.

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Faith and Waffling

I did hear a funny story about the young boy who was asked if he knew the capital of Belgium. He responded, “Waffles?”

With that said, I need to quit waffling when it comes to faith. Hard times come to everyone and I need to stop worrying and keep my eyes focused on God and serving others. It’s not that I don’t know, but I do need to reminded all the time.

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