We Are Family

Don’t ever make the mistake of calling your business employees or colleagues family. Family breeds entitlement and complacency.  You are a team and a good manager’s job is to place star performers in the right role. Family members are not asked to leave because of consistent poor performance. This is not the case for team members.

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How Bad Do You Want It?

I continue to reference the book Fanatical Prospecting by Jeb Blount. He feels a key ingredient to successful prospecting is How Bad Do You Want It? For me, I get paid for results and if I don’t perform my family is put at risk. This provides the discipline and motivation for me to be successful each day.

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

“There are two things more powerful than sex and money, praise & recognition.” Mary Kay Ash

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What Business Are You In?

I started reading a book called Competing Against Luck by Clayton Christensen. The book goes into depth about trying to understand the jobs we are doing for customers. Here’s an interesting quote, “I went in thinking we were in the business of new home construction. But I realized we were instead in the business of moving lives.” Bob Moesta.

The company restructured its business model to provide moving services and sorting rooms within the home to relieve some of the anxiety of making a move. Sales picked up tremendously by removing some barriers to purchasing a new home.

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Based on my life as an independent business person, I do believe that inventing a job is better than getting one.

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Have a Good Day

Reading a book called Have a Good Day by Caroline Webb. One of her points is to keep your mind in Discovery Mode and out of Defensive Mode. Most conversations don’t end well in Defensive Mode. Be mindful and step away from a conversation when you feel threatened. Need to get back to Discovery Mode and ask more questions.

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Don’t Hold A Grudge

I watched a video from Darren Hardy this morning and he talked about not holding a grudge. Here are some tips to get this done:

#1 Forgiveness is a victory. It releases your emotion.

#2- Empathize, switch places with the other person. Anger to empathy.

#3- Learn. Forgive but don’t forget. Learn from experience.

Hope this helps!

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Consistency Effect

Here is the consistency effect- Small things consistently over time lead to positive/negative big things! The is especially true in sales prospecting. Results might not show up today, but they will tomorrow.

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Be Different This Year

To really make exponential market gains go against where the herd is heading this year. Look for a problem to solve and go against the grain to solve it. You are a product of your choices, so get excited and make this is a great year. My goal to get out of bed with my tail wagging every day.

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Thanksgiving Prayer

I thought I would share a Thanksgiving prayer that was shared at my family’s dinner table last week.

Lord, take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet; tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way. Mychal Judge.

Mychal was a chaplain to the NYC firefighters and one of the first killed during 911.

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