Velcro vs Teflon

The mind is like Velcro for negative feedback/experiences and Teflon/non stick for positive feedback/experiences. Stop looking for the stain on the ceiling and adjust your gaze to the beautiful things around you. Praise publicly and criticize privately.

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Ministry in Pain

This from my mentor Darren Hardy this morning. Don’t waste your pain in life. Turn your pain into purpose and your tragedy into triumph. Grow through it. There is a ministry in pain. Turn your mess into a message. Your test into a testimony. For example, the lady who founded MADD after her daughter was killed by a drunk driver. She turned a painful incident into an organization that has helped thousands of people. 

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Prospecting & Consistency

If you prospect inconsistently you will see snowflakes. If you prospect consistently, watch the blizzard come in.

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Humility Attracts and Pride Repels. I am continuing to look for ways to encourage others by sharing how I deal with my weaknesses. People will share openly with me, but I need to go first.

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Ceilings & Limitations

As a Christian, there is no ceiling or limitation to what God can do through me. My human nature battles getting out of the comfort zone and into areas where God wants me to serve. Right now exploring an online business to help others succeed and Micah Ministries which is focused on serving the less fortunate in our community.

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Small Gestures

After I workout I usually go to McDonald’s to pick up my coffee. Today my friend Linda gave me my cup for free! The world stopped and I felt Love, Peace and Joy throughout my body. This was a great reminder to me on how little gestures mean so much! It helps me to be on the lookout for opportunities to help others during their day.

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Collection of Eras

Living an epic life is really a collection of eras and mini adventures. My friend Darren Hardy says we should have more mini adventures and don’t be afraid to start or end eras in your life. Look at the life of Steve Jobs and all of his adventures and eras. What I am doing now most likely will not define me. What will? This is the question I pray about a lot and seek direction from God.

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I heard an idea this morning about Yelp. Businesses of all types rely on the Yelp ratings to help grow their business. What if I received a Yelp rating on all my interactions with other humans today? Just pretend for one day. I bet I will become a better human being.

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There are so many pressure points each day to take on debt. Buy a new car, upgrade the bathroom etc. However, I am holding my ground and sticking to my principle of no more debt. I know in the long run it will pay off but it is challenging fighting all the temptations.

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Phone First Approach

I know in my heart the phone first approach is the most effective way to go in sales. I do send a warm up email at times prior to making the call. However, the follow up call is made within a week. Each call should offer value or insight in the eye of the prospect or there is no reason to take the call. In sales, it is always about being effective not efficient.

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