Resume Building

I listened to Jon Weece yesterday and he raised a point about living our lives and asked, “Are you building your Resume or Eulogy?” Eulogy items are kindness, compassion, humility, mercy, forgiveness etc. Really made me think about my focus on life. It all starts with faith and leaning on God’s truth communicated through scriptures.

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It is really refreshing when you try something new and it is successful. I brought on a new client to conduct customer interviews and I have really enjoyed working with them. The industry is different but my interview skills are fitting well. Once again, I moved out of my comfort zone to grow. This is not easy but so rewarding!

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I was listening to Jeffrey Gitomer and he commented that writing is a stepping stone to becoming wealthy. I need to become more disciplined at writing my thoughts at least once a week. From there start publishing my thoughts to on business platforms.

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The opposite of courage is conformity!

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