Energy Management

Join the people who have take steps toward reducing their electric bills by installing the Voltage Control Guard.

Voltage Control Guard (VCG) units are installed in a wide variety of settings, including commercial, industrial, and residential buildings. The VCG has demonstrated in each of these environments that it will reduce the daily consumption of kilowatt hours. Users have realized savings that range from 10% and up to 30% residentially, 3 – 12% commercially, and 3 – 15% in industrial applications.

Voltage Control Guard units achieve these results by creating a more efficient power source without any intervention or interruption of your power supply.

Your Voltage Control Guard unit works by attaching to an electric panel (fuse box). When connected to the neutral bus bar and safety ground, the VCG unit immediately begins working. There are no lights, switches, capacitors, resistors, circuit boards or other electronic components to wear out. The simplicity of design will ensure that the VCG will deliver more efficient power to your entire building, facility, or complex for years to come.

Important things to know about the Voltage Control Guard:

  • The VCG operates on well-accepted electromagnetic principles
  • The VCG does not connect to or interfere with your power meters
  • The VCG does not achieve results by managing incoming power sources or “skimming” current
  • The VCG is not a surge protector
  • The VCG achieves results by capturing unused energy from noise in the electrical system occurring outside the normal 50-60Hz domain
  • The VCG returns unused energy in proper phase and polarity through the neutral side of your power panel
  • The VCG should be installed by a licensed electrician
  • The VCG is ‘green’ product and consumes no power, gives off no emissions or fumes
  • The VCG is tested by Met Labs to UL916 safety standard
  • The VCG can save you money
  • The VCG is made in the USA.

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