Preserving and improving the environment is a worldwide mandate that is profoundly impacting the information technology and electronics industries.EIATRACK is an online tool for quickly and cost-effectively navigating the maze of product oriented environmental regulations and legislation in every country.


  • The risk involved in non-compliance can leave your company vulnerable to lawsuits and financial penalties.
  • Taking these regulations seriously can cost millions and sometimes more in legal fees to stay up to date tracking regulations that affect their products around the world.
  • EIATRACK can fast-track and streamline your company’s compliance with environmental regulations.
  • Information is compiled and maintained by legal and technical experts around the world.
  • Subscribers are made aware of requirements and changes affecting your products in a timely, comprehensive manner.

Try the online demo or view the brochures to learn more about how EIATRACK can improve your environmental credentials and your bottom line.For more information go to www.eiatrack.org or contact RJ Carr at rjcarr@tiaonline.org