Thanksgiving Prayer

I thought I would share a Thanksgiving prayer that was shared at my family’s dinner table last week.

Lord, take me where you want me to go, let me meet who you want me to meet; tell me what you want me to say, and keep me out of your way. Mychal Judge.

Mychal was a chaplain to the NYC firefighters and one of the first killed during 911.

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Success Metric

I was reading about Warren Buffet and he said the true measure of success is to find out how many people truly love you. I can count the number on one hand and would like to at least double it by the time my time on earth ends.

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A gentleman was interviewed about how he felt after Hurricane Michael destroyed parts of Panama City. He said, “Sometimes you have to lose your roof to see the stars.” I really like this wisdom and need to be grateful for what I have each day.

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As I start the month of November, my thoughts turn to Thanksgiving. My favorite family holiday! I will be making the effort to be more grateful for what I have and expressing my appreciation to others in my life. Putting the focus on others and away from myself.

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Be A Champion

Most of the time I am focusing on how I can become a champion. More importantly, I need to be a champion for others! Share positive feedback and genuinely point out what makes someone stand apart. This is an example of servant leadership and I need to do more of this in my daily walk through life.

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Watched the Darren Hardy video this morning on courage. Here are four ways to help you develop your courage muscle:

1-Be Foolish, it is what we most fear.

2-Be a Legend, see yourself being courageous.

3-Stop thinking and just act.

4- Attack it- the more attack you attack your fear, the weaker it gets.

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Growth Mind Set

Continuing to work on my Growth Mind Set. The mind is like a muscle and not fixed. Here a few other attributes passed on by my Darren Hardy:

1)Embrace Flaws 2)See failures as opportunities, 3) See Criticism as Constructive, 4) Focused on Growth vs Outcomes and 5)Grow some grit.- take ownership attitude.

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I went to the Doctor today for a relatively minor problem. In order for the Doctor to make the proper diagnosis, the patient has to disclose all relevant information. I know on the business side, many prospects do not share the whole problem which causes delays down the road. Just a thought.

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Faith and Waffling

I did hear a funny story about the young boy who was asked if he knew the capital of Belgium. He responded, “Waffles?”

With that said, I need to quit waffling when it comes to faith. Hard times come to everyone and I need to stop worrying and keep my eyes focused on God and serving others. It’s not that I don’t know, but I do need to reminded all the time.

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I enjoy reading, but it can be challenging to find enough time during the day. Darren Hardy had three good pieces of advice:

  1. Read with purpose- How are you trying to improve.
  2. Find an expert you trust and go deep with he or she. Read books, listen to podcasts and watch videos.
  3. Go out and apply what you have learned. Just do it!
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