How to grow each day

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” Eleanor Roosevelt.

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Emerge as Leader

Trying my best to look to the interests of others during this crisis. Our family has had a couple shots to the gut, but my faith, family, friends, church and business colleagues are making things easier to digest. I plan on emerging out of this stronger and in the right position to help future customers dig out of the hole. Take of yourself first then family, friends, business and customers.

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Positive Virus

Spreading the positive virus and hoping to disinfect some attitudes. The spring colors are beautiful here in Fredericksburg and it will be in the 80’s the next couple days. So grateful to live in this community and country. I will try my best to spread positive thoughts throughout the week. Do your part to be positive and build up those who are down.

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Always looking for ways to be positive in negative circumstances. God may shut a door but there is always an open window somewhere. The virus is causing more businesses to have people work remotely. I believe this help my sales & marketing business as the walls to remote work come tumbling down.

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Perfect Faith

I am confident Jesus can remove any obstacle in my life. I am hopeful Jesus will remove the obstacle to glorify his name.

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Prayer for Today

Here’s a neat prayer from Saint Augustine of Hippo. I especially like the part about protecting those that bring joy into my life.

Tend to your sick ones, O Lord Jesus Christ;

rest your weary ones; bless your dying ones;

soothe your suffering ones; pity your afflicted ones;

shield your joyous ones.

And all for your love’s sake.

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Profound Wisdom

Everyone is doing the best they can! The problem is me, not accepting who they are. I have no idea about their background and circumstances. Be compassionate and understanding. Be there if the person reaches out for help.

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Sorry if I interrupt

In sales, I need to pick up and call targeted prospects everyday. When I do this, I am interrupting someone’s day. In order to keep the pipeline full, I cannot be afraid of interrupting. My clients and family count on me to make it happen.

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Is it just me?

As humans, we share similar emotions. Most importantly, we all want to feel important. I need to make the conscious effort each day to let my circle know they are important to me.

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Making it Rain

I listened to a pod cast from Jeb Blount and they were discussing Rain Makers vs Rain Barrels. In terms of prospecting, do I want to be known as somebody waiting for it to rain and catching it with a barrel? The other approach would be to become active and through targeted prospecting make it rain! I have chosen to be a rain maker for my clients.

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