Small Gestures

After I workout I usually go to McDonald’s to pick up my coffee. Today my friend Linda gave me my cup for free! The world stopped and I felt Love, Peace and Joy throughout my body. This was a great reminder to me on how little gestures mean so much! It helps me to be on the lookout for opportunities to help others during their day.

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Collection of Eras

Living an epic life is really a collection of eras and mini adventures. My friend Darren Hardy says we should have more mini adventures and don’t be afraid to start or end eras in your life. Look at the life of Steve Jobs and all of his adventures and eras. What I am doing now most likely will not define me. What will? This is the question I pray about a lot and seek direction from God.

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I heard an idea this morning about Yelp. Businesses of all types rely on the Yelp ratings to help grow their business. What if I received a Yelp rating on all my interactions with other humans today? Just pretend for one day. I bet I will become a better human being.

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There are so many pressure points each day to take on debt. Buy a new car, upgrade the bathroom etc. However, I am holding my ground and sticking to my principle of no more debt. I know in the long run it will pay off but it is challenging fighting all the temptations.

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Phone First Approach

I know in my heart the phone first approach is the most effective way to go in sales. I do send a warm up email at times prior to making the call. However, the follow up call is made within a week. Each call should offer value or insight in the eye of the prospect or there is no reason to take the call. In sales, it is always about being effective not efficient.

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Sales Motivation

Here’s a note to think about today regarding your accomplishments for today. When I lost my excuses, I found my results!

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Enjoy the Day

The great Roman philosopher Seneca said, “There is no greatness if we cannot be.” I battle negative thoughts and looking too far ahead. I ask God to free myself from this struggle every morning in order to just be. This habit helps me a lot!

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I expect to learn and experience great things everyday! My positive attitude is attributed to having hope in a big God through who all good things come. Start each day fresh and Make it a great day!

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Battle Laziness

To battle laziness, I try my best to put on the calendar the most difficult things I need to get done during the day. In most cases, this comes down to prospecting calls. These are warm calls where I have sent information in advance and follow up a week later Remember, I trust God and follow up with everyone else!

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Battle Laziness

As a prospect development specialist, I battle laziness every day. That’s why I set up a routine to get the day started productively. A great habit is to schedule the prospecting calls on my calendar. This is usually first thing in the morning and it sets the tone for a productive day. Success is created from habits and I know most of us have the laziness bug inside looking to get more attention.

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