Profound Wisdom

Everyone is doing the best they can! The problem is me, not accepting who they are. I have no idea about their background and circumstances. Be compassionate and understanding. Be there if the person reaches out for help.

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Sorry if I interrupt

In sales, I need to pick up and call targeted prospects everyday. When I do this, I am interrupting someone’s day. In order to keep the pipeline full, I cannot be afraid of interrupting. My clients and family count on me to make it happen.

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Is it just me?

As humans, we share similar emotions. Most importantly, we all want to feel important. I need to make the conscious effort each day to let my circle know they are important to me.

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Making it Rain

I listened to a pod cast from Jeb Blount and they were discussing Rain Makers vs Rain Barrels. In terms of prospecting, do I want to be known as somebody waiting for it to rain and catching it with a barrel? The other approach would be to become active and through targeted prospecting make it rain! I have chosen to be a rain maker for my clients.

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As a salesperson, I can get stressed out about the ups and downs of my income. But what did I expect? I choose this path and freedom has a cost. There are perceived negatives that I have to come to expect.

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Playing to Win

After watching a recent Redskin game, I started comparing the result to my life. The Redskins had the last play of the game and could have either gone for two points and the win or kick the extra point and go to overtime. The Redskins choose to kick the field and eventually lost the game in overtime. They were playing not to lose and instead of playing to win. As I start 2020, I want to have the playing to win mindset and seek adventure versus security.

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2020 Vision

I don’t have 2020 vision and cannot predict the future of the coming year. However, I can control my attitude and faith in God. This will impact my success more than any other as I go through the circumstances of life. Happy New Year!

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Don’t Save it All

As the song says, Don’t save it all for Christmas day. Spread the love you feel on Christmas day throughout the year. God calls us to love him and love others. I am keeping this in mind as I start this day after Christmas.

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25th Anniversary

I just finished celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary. As I look back on the days when I was courting my wife, I can’t help but feel grateful about how God worked things out. A quote from C.S. Lewis brings everything together for me, “A woman’s heart should be so close to God that a man should have to chase him to find her.”

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I need to write my Eulogy now to help me define my purpose and clarify how I want to be remembered. As Red Skelton said, “Live your life as if your funeralĀ  is standing room only.”

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